Jesus Picked Up The Tab . . . .


One day a restaurant had a grand opening.

The restaurant was called “SRENNIS”, and it was beautiful from the inside, out.

The restaurant had beautiful marble floors, and golden utensils. It had a large fish tank which covered about 70% of the entire restaurant. But what stood out more than the beautiful furnishing of the restaurant was its delicious food. The restaurant had a buffet style table that measured 275 feet in length! And on the table was every food you could possibly think of. That elegant culinary cuisine! The Good Stuff! But the very best part of the buffet was the sign above the table which read:

“Eat As Much As You Want, And Pay The Same Price As If You Only Had One Plate”

People were ecstatic! Word soon spread like wildfire, and before you knew it, people from all over were crowding into the restaurant daily! They would eat as much as their bodies would allow them to, and then some! The lines were sometimes blocks long. People kept coming back because of the continuous changing of the, already delicious, menu and the unbeatable price. One day a customer was enjoying his meal, as he normally did, when he asked a question to one of the waitresses, whose name tag read: “Tempt”. . .

“I just noticed that I’ve been coming here for weeks and have never paid a cent for anything that
I’ve eaten. When exactly do I have to pay and how much will it cost?”

Tempt smiled and said:

Shhh!!! Everyone be quiet! This man just asked a very good question, which applies to all of you!”

The customers slowly stopped eating and thirstily filling their plates, one by one, in utter silence; awaiting to be further informed. Tempt said:

“He wants to know why he has never paid a cent for all the food he has eaten, and he wants to know

exactly how much it will cost”.

Suddenly, each person’s face in the restaurant wore a puzzled expression – immediately realizing the same fact. None of them had ever paid for a thing. Tempt began to tell everyone in the restaurant:

“Well today is payday, and like the sign above says, you all will pay the same price; no matter how little or how much you ate”.

The customers responded with:

“Ok, well how much would that be?”

Tempt smiled and said:

“All of you must pay with your life! You all have been over-indulging and feeding yourselves sin for weeks on end. With everyday, and every plate you have put in, you must all be put to death and spend eternity in Hell!”

The customers were all filled with such a great fear because they all knew that they had been guilty. Not a single customer could stand and say that they had never ate a thing. Just as all the customers were lined up and getting ready to pay, someone walked into the restaurant. There was something very peculiar about this person because he had never been seen in “SRENNIS” before until this day. The thing about him that caught everyone’s attention was how he walked past all of the customers that were standing in line and went straight to the front. When Tempt saw this, she said to the man:

“Excuse me, don’t you see this line? Don’t worry, you’ll pay your price just like everyone else”

The man said not a word and pulled out a credit card which read “LOVE”.

Swiped it at the register.

Then quietly walked out.

When the first customer came up to pay the price for all that he had ate, Tempt pulled up his account and a confused look came across her face. The customer said:

“What’s wrong? Is my debt too great? Oh, please have mercy on me!!!”

Tempt got up from behind the register, and in an uneasy tone, said to all the people who were waiting in line:

“Umm. . . Something’s wrong with our computer system. After the man that came to the front of the line, evidently named “Jesus Christ”, swiped his card, it shows that every last one of your debts has been paid. This means that you are all free to go.”

Immediately, there was a simultaneous burst of joy, relief, and excitement that flooded the entire restaurant!

But with a sly grin, Tempt left each one of the customers with these words:

“Don’t worry. . .  you’ll all be back. You can’t resist our delicious food . . . “

How many of you have revisited “SRENNIS” after Jesus paid the price for your sin debt? Have you made “Tempt” a liar or was she telling the truth? Remember that “SRENNIS” spelled backwards is SINNERS! And Christ paid that debt a long time ago so that you won’t have to. Will you surrender to Him? Or is the food at “SRENNIS” too good to give up?

Choose Christ and Live!!

For all have sinned; all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for sins.”

Romans 3:23-24 New Living Translation Bible

Written By::: Dennis Jackson

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