Word(s) of the Week – 1/7/2012


SATURDAY 1.7.2012 :: Blessings Make The World Go ‘Round.

SUNDAY 1.8.2012 :: “It’s the strength of your Faith, not the length of your Prayer”

MONDAY 1.9.2012 :: Let’s truly follow Christ today. L O V E Somebody !

TUESDAY 1.10.2012 :: “Souls Aren’t Saved By Silent Testimonies”.  S P E A K  Up!  S H A R E  Your Story! And  S A V E  Somebody ! SILENCE is DEADLY !

WEDNESDAY 1.11.2012 :: Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that “the Heart is Deceitful and desperately Wicked above all things”. Don’t Follow your Heart. . . . L E A D  it !!!

THURSDAY 1.12.2012 :: “We each need at least 1 person in our Life with 2 non-judgmental ears that are connected to a merciful Heart”.
— Quoted From: Pastor Hart Ramsey

FRIDAY 1.13.2012 :: “He’s God in the Mountain, and He’s God in the Valley”. Simply meaning, God is God in the good times, and God is God in the bad times. Never Forget who He is; regardless of the season of your Life.

May God Abundantly BLESS You 

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