If anybody recalls, back in 2002 there was a nation wide televised story on the news about the abduction of a young girl from Colorado named Elizabeth Smart. The young woman was kidnapped in the middle of the night at knife point by a masked man and held captive for close to a year. The nation rejoiced when after 9 months Elizabeth was found about 20 miles from her home. This was a happy ending for such a scenario, being that most child abductions don’t always end this way. But later on Elizabeth’s horrific story was told…

Elizabeth had been taken from her home.

Taken to a dark, and secluded, wooded area.

Made to wear a ceremonial robe by another accomplice.

And made to “marry” her abductor, and was later raped.

The, sometimes continuous, raping occurred daily.

She was made to drink alcohol and would regurgitate after consuming so much.

And was later made to lay face down in her own vomit.

Elizabeth’s story is a difficult story for anyone to hear, BUT it is one that many of us have been through spiritually, or are currenty going through as we speak. God Loves us (mankind)! We are His most prized and precious Creation. He Loved us so much that He wanted to make us different from His previous creations when He said:

“Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us…”(Genesis 1:26 New Living Translation).

Man lived in the constant presence of God; and all was given to us because God Loved us so much. But because of the trap, in the form of a “fruit”, laced with deception and temptation by none other than Satan himself; the disobedience of man was brought forth. That’s when sin came into the world (Romans 5:12). And the cause of that was that we were held captive by sin

ALL OF US (Romans 3:23)…

Our sins took us further and further away from our original home (God’s presence), and dragged us to a dark and barren place where we were married to our sins. In fact, our sins were our master (Romans 6:16)! Our sins made us do things that wasn’t in accordance to God’s Word. Our sins took and held us captive! God’s most precious Creation was in the possession of sin… And appeared to be DEAD (Ephesians 2:1)… With no appearance of hope to bring us back to our original home (God’s presence). But that only lasted until Christ stepped in and brought us back home to our place of belonging!

And he did so with His death on the cross.

Apostle Paul said:

“…who will free me from this life that is dominated by SIN and DEATH?” (Romans 7:24)

That question was answered for all of us who were once taken hostage by sin…

And the Answer is Jesus Christ.

Now we have a success story!!!

Although we were taken from our original intended place (God’s presence) by our abductor (sin), we were later found and brought back to our Father. And because we were brought back, we are now able to receive God’s Spirit as His children where we can call Him “Daddy” (Romans 8:15).

Are You Still Held Captive By Sin?

The key to escape is FAITH! Faith in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. And it is only by faith, alone, that you can be set free from your abductor, sin.

Receive the Holy Spirit and be set free…
Written By::: Dennis Jackson

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