Someone told me the other day that

just as it is in a relationship between a man and a woman who both love eachother, it is between God and one of His children. There will be some disagreements, but that doesn’t mean that the two don’t really love one another.

And this is true indeed. The probem was though, that she felt as if she didn’t have to obey the things in which God commanded, that she didn’t agree with…or rather the commands that didn’t agree with her lifestyle. And, ya’ know, that’s totally understandable… to the carnal mind. So my repsonse to this young lady’s statement was that

just as there are disagreements in ANY relationship, there are also sacrifices in any SUCCESSFUL one. Christ WILLINGLY, and with complete and utter LOVE, sacrificed his life for you… so why would you not do the same for him???”

Some confess with their mouths that they “LOVE GOD“, but yet they don’t truly believe it in their hearts. Or maybe they just think they do. This girl’s statement is a prime example of one who thinks that they really Love God. So many are quick to talk the talk, but are never ready and willing to walk the walk. When will YOU be ready?

I heard from a Passion 4 Christ Movement poet by the name of “Prophet” in one of his spoken word segments entitled “A Time For Change”, that “some people don’t study for the test until the very last day. And you’re trying to reach Heaven the exact same way”!

DON’T WAIT! You have to sacrifice your will and your ways… for His. Not when you get that new job, or that raise you’ve been wanting so bad. Not when you get that poppin’ ride you’ve had your eye on for a minute, or when you get that ideal life partner that you’ve been wanting and waiting for, for your whole life.. but Right Now. And most definitely not just because you feel you have to, or you know it’s what’s right… but solely because you want to.

Written By::: Michelle Phipps

About Amplified by Christ

I'm 23. And I Love the Lord. And I Love Great Music... With a message... "Kingdom Music"! I am a firm believer of individual salvation and change being acheived through one channel, and one channel alone... Jesus Christ! [ Amplified by Christ ] is a forthcoming evangelical organization, created by His Holy Spirit through me, tailored to be interactively utilized as a fundamental and gratifying source to further inform God's people on the value of Christ and effectively empower every man, woman, and child to boldly face the enemy and the ways of the world through His Holy Spirit... One Person At A Tme. ABC -- Made LIMITLESS by CHRIST

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