Relationship… Relationship… Relationship!!!


You will be absolutely surprised to see how much you can find out about a person by just chillin’ and layin’ up with ’em! I see that the more time that I spend with my Father, the closer I get to Him. And the closer I get to him, the more humble I become. In my generation (which most would like to refer to as “Generation X“, basically meaning that there is no hope for us and our future), most of us grew up in a church which already had the foundation, and the the set-up of evangelism, and missionary, etc, already in tact and in place. And the only thing that we have lacked in order to complete the essential, Christ-revolving, circle was the RELATIONSHIP!



The most vital element of them all.

Through that relationship is the only way in which you will get the questions answered that you cannot get answered from anyone or anywhere else in the church, nor the World for that matter. GET TO KNOW CHRIST! Believe me when I say that there is nothing but benefit in doing so.

David once said that for as long as he had lived, through both his youthful days and elder, he had “yet to see the righteous of the Lord forsaken, nor his seed begging bread” (Psalm 37:25). It all begins with the relationship! Believing in his life, what he taught, his death and his resurrection is the “mustard seed of faith [that] you need to move mountains” (Matthew 17:20).

Written By::: Michelle Phipps

About Amplified by Christ

I'm 23. And I Love the Lord. And I Love Great Music... With a message... "Kingdom Music"! I am a firm believer of individual salvation and change being acheived through one channel, and one channel alone... Jesus Christ! [ Amplified by Christ ] is a forthcoming evangelical organization, created by His Holy Spirit through me, tailored to be interactively utilized as a fundamental and gratifying source to further inform God's people on the value of Christ and effectively empower every man, woman, and child to boldly face the enemy and the ways of the world through His Holy Spirit... One Person At A Tme. ABC -- Made LIMITLESS by CHRIST

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