Falling Short: Positively & Negatively


People may on some days say things like “I’m GREAT!”, or so and so is “AMAZING” or “AWESOME”, for whatever the reason. But we might have to reexamine that one more time. In the sight of God, we actually fall short. Negatively. Because we really aren’t any of those things…

We’re much worse!



We were wrapped and covered in sin since Day One!

But check how those very words we use to describe ourselves, or others, are the same words that we sometimes use to describe God’s undying Love, and His unchanging Grace, and Mercy towards us. And yet… they STILL fall short! But Positively. Only for the fact, and this fact alone, that He is so much Greater than just ‘Great’ and ‘Amazing’ and ‘Awesome’ .

Simply Put: There may be a few words in the English Dictionary valid enough to describe yourself or another, but there is not one that is potent enough to completely capture the essence of God’s Goodness.


Written By::: Michelle Phipps

About Amplified by Christ

I'm 23. And I Love the Lord. And I Love Great Music... With a message... "Kingdom Music"! I am a firm believer of individual salvation and change being acheived through one channel, and one channel alone... Jesus Christ! [ Amplified by Christ ] is a forthcoming evangelical organization, created by His Holy Spirit through me, tailored to be interactively utilized as a fundamental and gratifying source to further inform God's people on the value of Christ and effectively empower every man, woman, and child to boldly face the enemy and the ways of the world through His Holy Spirit... One Person At A Tme. ABC -- Made LIMITLESS by CHRIST

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